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Everything Is A Choice

In his book “Only 10s”, Mark J Silverman says:

“You are never a victim. You always have a choice.”

Now while he was referring to prioritising our lives so that we know the difference between what Needs to be done from what Should be done, the principle applies to all areas of our lives.

Every single thing we do or say is based on a choice, there are no exceptions. The question is, will we choose to become Victims or Victors? The choice is ours.


The late Bob Proctor said:

“You and your results are the product of somebody else’s habitual thinking.”

He also said that our results are never as a consequence of events taking place beyond our minds but are down to events taking place inside our heads, they are an external expression of how our minds have been conditioned.

“Your behaviour is causing your results” he said, “your conditioning is coming from your behavior.”

By accepting responsibility for our results, it helps us make the right decisions leading to the right actions to gain the right results.

Alter conditioning within subconscious mind which is both genetic and environmental.

“The ability to choose is your greatest power.” (Bob Proctor)


I’m Right and You’re Wrong

So, are you right? Am I right? Who’s right and who’s wrong? The answer is no-one is right or wrong. Now I’m sure that will be a bit of a shock for some of you but the fact is for anything there is no right or wrong way. There is, however, always a better way, no matter what.

For example, if I was to say that my method for controlling your thoughts and achieving your goals is the right way, the right and, therefore, only way I would be discounting all other possibilities and calling them wrong and, I wouldn’t be making allowances for future discoveries. Do I have the right to do that?

If, on the other hand, I said my method is a better way, then I would be acknowledging all other methods and suggesting mine as an improvement. It also leaves the way open for someone else to make improvements on my method. That’s how evolution works. There is no definitive Right way, only a Better, improved way.

You can say something in correct or incorrect, is that not the same? No, not exactly.

For example, when you learn to drive a car every driving instructor has what they perceive to be the correct way to drive – mirror, indicate, manoeuvre, mirror or indicate, mirror, manoeuvre, mirror and so on. Every country also has regulations regulating what they consider to be the correct way to drive within their borders and the etiquette to follow. These are correct but can change.

At one time, back in the early days of motoring it was correct to stick your arm out to indicate that you were about to turn left or right. With the advancement of technology that has changed and all we need to do is move a lever on our steering columns – although it would appear many have forgotten how to use it!

However, the correct and only way to drive a vehicle to is to keep it safely on the road in the direction you’re travelling in and use the correct etiquette for the time and country you’re driving in.

The point I'm making is this: To say something is right is to say that you ‘Have’ to do it that way. As Bob Proctor said, “you don’t have to do anything, it’s a choice.” 

Wait a minute, says you, what about breathing? You Have to breathe, don’t you? Actually no, you can choose not to. Obviously that wouldn’t be very beneficial and would cause extreme discomfort, but it would be your choice.

Everything is a choice. 🙂


Jeremy R Scott


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