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My Unusual Best Friend

Rob is my Best Friend. I’ve known him all my life and we’ve literally done everything together. We went to the same schools, we worked together in the same companies, we have the same friends, like the same music, we even joined the Army together and served in the same Regiment. We’ve even been married twice and divorced twice, and we still live in the same area.

We did get into trouble quite often, usually drink related, and usually when Rob took the lead. Rob’s a bit more outgoing than me, more in your face than I’d ever dare to be and has a fiery temper to boot!

You may now be thinking “Oooh, this is a bit weird.” or something along those lines. But the thing is, Rob isn’t human, at least not in the sense we normally perceive humans in our World of Form, as I like to call it.

No, Rob is my EGO, and he’s my Best Friend. 

The ethos of my forthcoming book Embrace Your Ego is, first and foremost, to help you improve your Lot in Life, to get out of the Rat Race, to Rise above all the turbulence and chaos created by others and start creating a New Home for yourself, one where Peace, Balance, and Harmony, ensconced in Heartfelt, Unconditional Love reigns supreme. Embracing our Ego, accepting it as our Friend and Ally rather than an Enemy, is that missing piece of the Jigsaw leading to a true sense pf Wholeness, of Togetherness, knowing you're perhaps on your own as an individual, but you are definitely not Alone.

Lao Tzu once said that a Journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one, are you willing to take that first step? If so, your Journey begins today.



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