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A Warm Welcome to You!

What Do I do?

What I do I've been doing for most of my life but it took me many years to realise that and a few more to appreciate it.

I am, first and foremost, a Life Coach and help you to bring your four main circles of Life - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual - into alignment with each other so that you can enjoy a deeper sense of Peace and Wellbeing.

I also assist those who have forgotten how to help themselves discover how to regain control of their Lives through Accurate and Life-Changing Insights and uncover their Hidden Diamond. 

Who Am I?

I'm a well-lived and pretty well-traveled Brit currently back in UK. I have a great passion for all things Spiritual and have been on a Journey of Exploration from an early age which will continue past this Life and into the next as I'm still open to learning new things.

What Makes Me Different?

My Personal Life Experience and my 30-odd years spent in the Personal Development and Spiritual Growth space gives my Spiritual Life Coaching a unique flavour.

I have a strong background in the Usui Reiki System as well as Transformative Coaching and using Tarot Cards with my Life Coaching helps me gain a greater understanding of where a Client is coming from, where they are currently and where they may be headed. This enables me to fine tune my Coaching to best fit their needs.

I'm also an Accredited founding member of the Richard Knight Tarot and Psychic Development Academies, 

Mikao Usui Reiki Colour.jpg

Reiki Lineage

In the world of Reiki, Lineage is important as it helps all Practitioners to trace their "Spiritual Lineage" through all the various Teachers back to the Founder, Mikao Usui. I have both an Eastern and Western Lineage. All Western Practitioners have a Western Lineage because of Mrs Hawayo Takata who introduced Reiki to the West.

My Traditional Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui

Suzuki San
Chris Marsh
Taggart King
Jeremy Scott


Gina, I.O.W. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the length of time and everything that you advised me on and the lovely conversation that I had with you and so I would like to send you the big smile that I have on my face. I will definitely contact you for a card reading.

It was a very beautiful and a very big gift that you gave to me. More than being given £1000 into my hand.

Merces R, Portugal

Jeremy is a very caring person. He is a great coach with experience and also very insightful. I enjoyed very much having a reading with him.

Natalie A, Belgium

Jeremy, I have news for you! Today I got the position I applied for. I was not informed officially yet, but I know I was selected! So you were spot on. Thank you very much, thank you for being spot on about the prediction.

So, how may I serve you?

Reiki Therapy

Intuitive Reiki Treatments

Whether you're feeling run down, have a niggly back ache or even difficulty sleeping, a Reiki Treatment awaits you


Intuitive Tarot Readings

Got a Burning Question You Need Insight On?


Life Coaching

Uncover Your Hidden Diamond

Birth is not a beginning3.png


What does your Past Self want you to know?

What Lessons have you yet to learn?


I am not a trained Medical Professional, Counsellor or Therapist. If you have a situation which requires the assistance of a Health Professional, please get in touch with a relevant Service in your local area.

Tarot Card and Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only and not to be seen or considered to be professional advice. It is the individual's own choice as to whether they choose to act on, or accept, anything disclosed within the reading.

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