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Transformative Life Coaching

What Can Transformative Coaching Do For You?

We’re all born pretty perfect and then we start getting “educated” by Parents, Teachers, Bosses, Peers, even Life itself. The Diamond we truly are gets buried in the detritus of Criticism, Put Downs, False Thinking, Self-Sabotage and so on and we create a false image of ourselves as we drift further and further away from who we truly are, and we lose the Achievement and Happiness of knowing our True Selves.

Most people around us are Diamonds covered in excrement and painted with nail polish to look ‘pretty’ and, therefore, completely inauthentic.

Using Transformative Coaching I help you remove the nail polish and excrement to reveal the Diamond you are underneath. In other words, I help you uncover your Inner Diamond.

My role is to create the ideal environment to help you heal yourself. The Insights and Aspects you gain will help you clearly see your own Potential and Possibilities which will, in turn, provide the Ladder to escape that never-ending Maze and the Rut which has held you back for so long.


Corn Maze

This a Six Session Coaching Program carried out over six weeks or as a 2-Day Intensive. 

1:1 Sessions carried out over 12 months are also available, only 5 slots are available per 12 month period. Please get in touch for more info.

For a non-obligatory Consultation please get in touch using the button below.

Transformative Coaching doesn’t involve techniques, Tick Boxes, a Degree in Psychology or Step-by-Step systems. Instead, you’ll become acquainted with the 3 Principles approach:

Mind – Stuff has to come from somewhere and the Universal Creative Mind provides it.

Consciousness – Your Self-Awareness is like a projection onto a cinema screen.

Thought – This is your Movie, your Creation, your Reality.

Change your relationship with Thought, change the Course of your Life.

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