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As an Intuitive Reader I use Psy Cards as an alternative to Tarot however they’re very much different in their style and use.


Psychology Cards, to give them their full title, are influenced by the teachings of the famous Psychoanalyst Karl Jung and are often used in Psychology practices to connect with the Subconscious.




Single Question Reading

Each Reading can take up to 60 Minutes and usually deals with a specific Question you are seeking an answer to in a particular area of your Life.


Psy-Card Readings

This Reading provides an In Depth look at how the next 12 months is likely to affect your Life and covers the following areas:

  • Previous Year Summary

  • Lessons You've Learned

  • Your Hopes and Goals 

  • Your Motivation

  • Your Challenges

  • Your Relationships and Emotions

  • Your Career and Finances

  • Your General Health and Wellbeing

  • Your Spiritual Energy and Fulfillment

  • Where You Need to Focus

  • Your Most Important Lesson to Learn

  • Your Overall Direction 

Book Today to get yourself well and truly prepared for the next 12 months.



The Next 12 Months In Depth

12 Month Snapshot

This Reading provides a General Overview of your next 12 months and focuses on:

  • Your Career

  • Your Home Life

  • Your Finances

  • Your Relationships

  • Your Overall Direction

Although not as detailed as the In Depth Reading, it still provides a comprehensive overview of the next 12 months.




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